Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Not To Make A Silicone Mold

Setting up my mold box.
I don't do vlogs... I actually hate the word "vlog". Being the grognard I am, it actually took me a long time to even accept the word "blog" into my vernacular. I will never accept the word "vlog". It's just... wrong.

But here it is in 2016 and I decided to do a video of my misadventures in crafting. I decided to try my hand at resin casting and thought it might be a hoot to record myself screwing up while doing so.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

D&D / OSR: Encumbrance Made Easy

Do your PCs look like this?
I've never really liked D&D encumbrance. It's a pain. The item weights in the various equipment tables are all over the place in terms of accuracy (i.e. - mostly inaccurate) and to make things worse, the rules on carrying capacity are ridiculously broken. In one place it reads "15 times Strength" which is so stupidly over blown that even in the text of the 5th edition rules it basically implies "Yeah, you can basically just ignore encumbrance." After that, there is an optional rule for using 5x Strength as a base for penalizing movement and such... but the math is just too fiddly and players will ignore it anyway.

So what is a DM to do?

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