Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#RPGaDay Part 1 - One to Ten

I don't always have the freedom to post once a day, so I'm going to have to knock out the blog roll topic in 3 posts.

Still have my books from 1979-ish
1) First RPG Played - I posted about this very topic over a month back. I think it's a funny read so check it out. I'll wait.

For those who want to skip the gamer story, my brother started me out with OD&D (white box) sort of... But that incident doesn't really count. I really learned how to play with a combination of the Holmes blue book and the AD&D Player's Handbook. I consider AD&D my first RPG because we really weren't playing the Holmes rules.

2) First RPG Game Mastered - While I am almost certain I DM'd for some of my friends at an early age, I remember almost nothing from those pre-teen AD&D games. I have a vague recollection of running part of X2 Castle Amber, but 30 year old memories are not coming easily to the surface.

The first one I truly remember was running a very short-lived GURPS game in college. It did not go well. I did almost everything wrong with a table of people who weren't convinced they wanted to play GURPS in any case.

3) First RPG Purchased - My parents bought most of my gaming books for me when I was a pre-teen with no money of my own. AD&D, Gamma World, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes and Car Wars were among the first I owned. GURPS was probably the first one I actually purchased with my own money** later in life.

** Sort of... I was in college, so it was still mostly Dad's money.

4) Most Recent RPG Purchased - Technically, D&D 5th Edition Starter Set... but I'm going to disqualify that at the moment since I already "own" D&D in almost every variation. Mouse Guard is probably the newest non-D&D rule set I've bought along with Savage Worlds.

5) Most Old School RPG Owned - I still have my brother's copy of the D&D white box along with the original Greyhawk supplement. Can't get much older than that.

6) Favorite RPG I Never Get To Play - Mouse Guard (currently out of print, but 2nd edition coming soon!)

7) Most "Intellectual" RPG - I downloaded a copy of FATE, but I don't consider it "owned" until I try it out and kick a few bucks over to Evil Hat (which everyone should). I don't own any of those story-stick "indie" games.

8) Favorite Character - I made a Gnome Druid in Pathfinder that I had a really deep background for. Unfortunately, the DM didn't pick up on any hooks in the background I provided and the campaign turned urban and I really didn't get the opportunity to play this character the way I wanted.

9) Favorite Dice - I'm not as dice obsessed as some, but I do like my Game Science d20s (sapphire and emerald colors). I'm less concerned about the other dice (non-d20's) being "precision" dice, so I have a mix of swirly pearlescent colors in red, blue and green.

10) Favorite Fiction Tie-In - Even good D&D fiction is not much better than "meh". I think the prize has to go to Mouse Guard for the amazing comic that originated it.

Stay tuned for the next installment... 11 through 20.

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