Monday, October 21, 2019

Munchkin Treasure Hunt - Owlbear Cubs Review

Episode 1 - Munchkin Treasure Hunt

This is a first in a (hopefully) semi-regular series called Owlbear Kids. In it, my kids and myself review some of our family favorite board games and RPGs intended for a younger audience.

Name: Munchkin Treasure Hunt
Also with an Alice in Wonderland theme: Munchkin Wonderland
Ages: 6+
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Artist: John Kovalic

Game Summary: This is a roll and move dungeon crawler intended for a younger audience. Defeat the monsters with the treasure cards in your hand, in order to gain more treasure cards. Player with the most "gold" (treasure points) at the end wins. Both parents and kids alike enjoy the silly jokes for which Munchkin games are well known.

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