Friday, June 25, 2021

DM 101: 5 Tips the Beginning D&D Dungeon Master

There are a lot of book on how to run the mechanical aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons, but not many of them are great at actually telling new DMs how to be better at running the game in terms of managing the table, players, or being a good servant leader. Here is my list of 5 beginner tips when starting out your journey as a new Dungeon Master.

00:01 - Introduction
00:30 - The 5th Edition Dungeon Master Guide doesn't really teach how to run a game.
01:40 - 4th Edition DMG has some excellent DM advice sections.

03:10 - Tip #1: Session 0
                More on Session 0

05:55 - The Social Contract (Tip #1.5)
                  More on the Social Contract

09:50 - Tip #2: Start small. Grow gradually.
10:30 - Instead of a long campaign, consider smaller adventures like the Starter Set or Essentials Kit.
12:40 - Short 3rd party publisher adventures
14:22 - Starting small with a homebrew
15:47 - Not every adventure needs to be "Throw the Ring into Mt. Doom"

16:38 - Tip #3: Do not write plots. Set up hooks (scenarios).
17:05 - Pirate campaign example.
                  More one Railroading and Player Agency
21:10 - Writing adventure hooks (fronts in Dungeon World / Apocalypse world)
23:50 - Write several hook ideas, present them, and find out which one(s) interest your players.
26:20 - Have non-combat resolutions available as alternatives. Write some non-combat scenarios.

28:35 - Tip #5: Don't fudge die rolls.
                  More on fudging the dice
29:45 - Discuss with your players in Session 0 about PC death

34:00 - Starter Set or Essentials Kit?
36:30 - Outtro

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