Monday, November 30, 2020

Warlock Tiles Town & Village Review (vs. Dwarven Forge, OpenLock, etc)

Too Long, Didn't Watch Summary: The Warlock Tiles Town & Village set is a reasonably good deal for the money, even if you are already invested in 3D printing or Dwarven Forge sets. Some features will appeal specifically to owners of 3D printed tiles. Timestamps follow below.

Warlock Tiles offer some limited compatibility with OpenLock and DragonLock 3D tiles, but in my opinion, it would be nice if they allowed 3D enthusiasts to print their own combination clips to allow even more interchangeability. The Dwarven Forge City System is a bit more than twice as expensive than Warlock Tiles Town & Village, and Warlock Tiles offer more versatility, but do not have the same enclosed exterior presentation that Dwarven Forge buildings offer. In a sense, the two systems have different goals -- Warlock Tiles for interior playability and Dwarven Forge for an outdoor village or city display.

You can view more about OpenLock and DragonLock offerings here.

00:00  Intro
00:35  Warlock Tiles description
01:40  Town & Village box contents
07:00  Tile system using magnets and clips
09:05  How much can you build with the Town & Village box 
10:05  Using Warlock Tiles with 3D printed dungeon tiles
11:00  You can use Warlock Tiles with OpenLock and DragonLock
13:08  Warlock clip force issue
15:22  Standout Feature: Interior Walls and Doors
16:30  Example layouts using Town & Village box
16:45  Using the interior walls and doors to easily alter your layout
19:05  Using the interior walls with OpenLock or DragonLock
21:00  OpenLock and Warlock tile compatibility
22:00  Half height walls vs. full height walls
24:30  Thin doors and walls will also appeal to 3D printing enthusiasts
25:40  Warlock Tiles vs. Dwarven Forge City System
32:20  Warlock Tiles vs. OpenLock and DragonLock
34:30  Warlock Tile Pros
36:20  Warlock Tile Cons
41:40  Warlock Tile Mystery Notch
47:35  Wrapping Up
50:00  Owlbear Approved -- Please Like and Subscribe!

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