Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Has Dragon+ gotten better?

Damn, is February over already?  Just when I thought I was getting a handle on the blog again, four weeks passes in the blink of an eye... but you didn't come here to read about my issues with erratic blogging...

Not particularly inspired by this cover...
but other issues have had reasonably good art.
Just shy of two years ago, Wizards of the Coast introduced Dragon+ to the gaming internet. For several issues, I reviewed the early efforts and found it wanting. It got to the point that I grew tired of putting up yet another, "Yeah, it basically still sucks" review and I let it fall off my social media radar. Every once in a while I'd check in on it, but nothing really got me that excited to write about it again.

My primary complaints were:
  1. As a new media technology, the app was buggy, crash prone and provided a fairly poor user experience in navigation.
  2. As a venue for D&D content, there was rarely anything worthwhile for the tabletop role player. The "magazine" promoted a lot of the video game content for the Neverwinter MMO and Sword Coast Legends, as well advertorials for whatever adventure path might be releasing soon... but almost nothing that you could actually use for your game.
So two years and 12 issues later... Has anything changed? Well... sort of. 

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