Friday, September 17, 2021

Episode 11: "Fixing" Maelstrom - Running Storm King's Thunder

In Episode 11, I reveal how I adapted the "Fixing Maelstrom" Reddit post to my own game. I also talk about how I tie all the loose threads and weak plot points together into a more cohesive (IMO) set of motivations for the major villains. Timestamps follow below the video.

Reddit discussion on Maelstrom:

00:05  Introduction
01:30  My changes to plug perceived plot holes.
03:42  Why haven't the giants resurrected Queen Neri?
05:00  The Kraken's Motivations
06:30  Why is Hekaton captured and not killed?
08:35  Iymrith's Motivations
10:00  Klauth's Motivations
11:55  Looking for Maelstrom ideas
13:55  My party's link to Serissa
15:20  Getting to Maelstrom (in summary)
18:00  Convincing the Giants
23:15  Persuading the Cloud Giants
27:35  Facing off with the Fire Giants
32:30  Setting up the Ambush
36:40  Audience with Serissa
38:20  Making a major enemy
39:28  Wrapping up

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