Car Wars Sixth Edition

Car Wars cover
Welcome to Raging Owlbear's page of Car Wars Sixth Edition resources. Here you will find links to printable play aids, house rules, and other helpful resources.

Raging Owlbear's CW6e Shared Folder

Raging Owlbear's CW6e House Rules and Variants

Amateur Night Scenario - Are you tough enough to hold off death with a subcompact and a machine gun?

CW6e Print N Play Dashboard - The original spare printable dashboard.

Car Wars 6e Vehicle Record Sheet - Saves table space by combining a dashboard with a damage tracker.

Car Wars 6e Turning Key Mark II - Use with 1-inch classic Car Wars counters.

Car Wars 6e Card Proxies - Not enough machine guns? Use these proxy cards to add extra guns and equipment.

Car Wars 6th Edition Facebook Group

Car War 6th Edition at Board Game Geek (Files, Forums)

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