Friday, October 2, 2020

HeroQuest: Should you back it?

 In today's video I look at the Hasbro reprint of the HeroQuest board game.

For those who are not certain about backing the new crowd-funded reprint, I do a broad comparison between the HeroQuest mechanics (as we know them from the Milton Bradley version) and other popular dungeon crawlers such as the D&D board games (Ashardalon, Drizz't, Ravenloft, etc), Dungeon!, Talisman, Descent, and Gloomhaven. This is not a deep discussion of gameplay, but I do talk about the broad differences between the various offerings. 

I also discuss the variety of miniatures and quest options that will be offered in the difference pledge tiers. Hopefully, I will present you with enough of a picture that you are better able to decide if it worth your money. Reference time stamps follow below the video.

00:00  Introduction
01:00  Why crowd funding?
01:50  Mass market vs. niche market
05:13  What kind of consumer are you?
06:52  HeroQuest mechanics summary
08:00  HeroQuest is almost a roleplaying game.
13:08  Mechanical complexity versus other dungeon crawl board games.
13:35  Dungeon!
14:20  D&D board games - Wrath of Ashardalon, Legend of Drizz't, Castle Ravenloft, Temple of Elemental Evil, etc.
15:18  Descent: Journeys in the Dark
15:55  Gloomhaven
16:55  Where does HeroQuest sit in the dungeon crawl game hierarchy?
19:35  Who is the best audience for HeroQuest?
22:35  HeroQuest is probably a better dungeon crawler for the younger gamer.
23:12  HeroQuest is less strategically deep and more random.
25:18  Modern dungeon crawlers might be better for a more strategic group of players.

25:58  But... what about the value of the box contents?
26: 20  Base game: 9 Hero minis, 31 Monsters, 30 bits of dungeon dressing.
28:33  Game mechanics aside, the miniatures are a good deal.
29:30  The selection of miniatures is good for any fantasy TTRPG.
32:15  The $150 level is harder to justify, but it comes with a lot of play content.
33:30  Do you back it?
35:55  Wrapping up

Gloomhaven - Descent - D&D board games - Talisman - Dungeon! -

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