Friday, February 20, 2015

Hero Forge Miniatures Review: Ready for Prime Time?

[Update 08/30/20]: A lot has happened in 5 years and this review is no longer valid. But have no fear. I have NEWER reviews. 

Hero Forge has added the new "Plastic" and "Premium Plastic" offerings to their materials selection which solve the fragility and detail issues. An updated review of the new plastic and metal offerings is now posted. Read the updated review here! ]

Original (now out of date) article:

When I heard about, I was excited to try their online character visualization. If you don't know, lets you create a custom 3D model of RPG character in a variety of genres - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Western or East Asian (Wuxia/Wushu). After you've created your custom model, you can then send it to their 3D printer to have your very own custom designed miniature!

Sounds awesome, right?

Well... it certainly is in theory, but in practice it leaves some things to be desired.

Rendered previews of the miniatures

Thursday, February 19, 2015

50 Shades of Greyhawk

I originally posted this to social media the other day... but I thought it needed a more permanent home.

Thanks to +Scott Nicholson for the idea (which I modified) and +Aaron Harmon for the improved title (which makes the joke way better). And thanks to +Judd Apatow for Freaks and Geeks (as well as +James Franco for Carlos the Dwarf. Long live Carlos!)

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