Monday, July 20, 2020

Dad sucks at video games

Minecraft Dungeons box art
Today marks a slightly new direction for Raging Owlbear. I am adding a Twitch stream to my into my blogging alongside my YouTube videos. Tbis won't change the content of the blog that much. I'm still primarily interested in talking about D&D and other table-top RPGs, but I'm going to add some diversion on the side.

Tonight's steam is "Dad sucks at video games."  A stream for those of us likely to get sniped by a 12 year old just after spawning. 

Don't worry... It's not yet another Fortnight stream. I'm going to be looking at dungeon crawlers, adventure games, and classic CRPGs. It will be on-brand for the blog.

I got this idea after watching my 6 year old son master Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He was doing shield parries and flurry rushes... He was the first in our family to defeat Ganon. He doesn't even read! (I helped him with the quest text).

I'll be starting out with Minecraft Dungeons, which is a Diablo-like dungeon crawler, but with Minecraft aesthetics. I might occasionally just into classics or whatever strikes my fancy. 

But don't worry. Whatever it is, I'll be bad, so it will be good for a laugh or two. Come hang out in chat and we can talk role-playing games, video games, or whatever. Steaming at 10 PM Eastern on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Minecraft Dungeons - camp site

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