Sunday, August 30, 2020

Review: Hero Forge Miniatures (2020)

It's been over five years since my very first review of Hero Forge custom miniatures... and a lot has changed in that time.

In addition to 3D printing technology improving, Hero Forge has significantly upped its game in its character building options and resin offerings. In this video, I look back and what was and review the latest entry level "Plastic" model I ordered from their site. Gallery shots after the video.

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Winged Centaur - base "Plastic" offering
Base "Plastic" model has excellent detail despite
being the lower cost offering. No visible banding.

No apparent print lines and details are fairly crisp.

The "Premium Plastic" is much more difficult to photograph, but the
details are slightly better than the regular "Plastic" option.

This Premium model was from a couple years back.
The newer models are even more crisply detailed as their process improved.
Premium Plastic example from Hero Forge web site.
Detail is extraordinarily crisp.

Premium Plastic example from Hero Forge web site

Almost an Owlbear.
Owlbear? ...and friend.

This is the older "Plastic" offering from a couple years ago (not primed).
The banding from the print process is more visible.
This is no longer apparent in the latest primed models.

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