Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gen Con Day 0: This Is My Tribe

Arrived in Indy late last night, and despite the fact that I haven't really gotten a chance to participate in any events, I'm already having a wonderfully pleasant experience meeting and chatting with fellow gamers. Even on the flights in, it was pretty easy to spot who were "our people".

In the food court area of DCA, I met the creators of Dragoon (@playdragoon) and had a lovely chat about their Kickstarter and the experience publishing their new board game. They were terrifically nice, and I immediately felt that kinship that one has when chatting about one's shared love of games. I'm looking forward to test driving their game in Hall E. If you are here at Gen Con, I recommend checking them out.

I also had a nice chat on the flight with another gamer who was returning to RPGs after many years missing out and shared an Uber ride with Ben, a war gamer I met in the airport terminal. My room mates are even folks I met online through the Gen Con forums and we clicked immediately upon meeting.

This is my tribe. These are my people.

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