Monday, July 13, 2015

Owlbear Milestones and Project X

Owlbear Hits 100K

A classic AD&D illustration by Jeff Dee
Last week, sometime early in the July 4th morning, Raging Owlbear passed 100,000 page views. This was a very nice milestone for a rising sophomore blog. I had hoped to cross that point in the first year, but did not due to my own lackadaisical publishing schedule. August/September of 2014 and January/February of this year brought in poor numbers due to my lack of consistent posting.

This fall I'm hoping to better at that. July and August of this year may not fare much better as I am in the middle of a move back to my native Maryland. Fondness for southern Virginia (and the beaches) grew steadily over the years, but I sometimes felt like it wasn't quite home. It will be delightful to be near family again among the rolling hills of Maryland.

In other news...

Why We Love RPGs

+Charles Akins of Dyvers started a blog roll project (dubbed Project X) to get a bunch of bloggers to describe what we love about our favorite RPGs. Many of these have now hit blogs around the interwebs. I hope I'm not stepping on any "official" announcement by Charles, but others in the group are already linking to each other so... here are some links!

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