Wednesday, January 20, 2016

B/X-5: D&D 5e compatible rules in the spirit of B/X D&D

I have previously posted about 1st Adventures, an OSR rule set that I've been cobbling together. The recent release of the of the SRD5 has changed the course (slightly) of my intended plans.

1st Adventures has always been intended to be somewhat based on B/X rules, but inspired by other OSR games like Basic Fantasy and Fantastic Heroes & Witchery. My challenge has been trying to find the balance between the bare bones B/X character classes and the more "Christmas ornament" classes in modern D&D which give a new toy every level (or is that more like Chanukah?)

B/X-5 Core Rules

Along those lines, I'm putting together what I call B/X-5 Core Rules a 5th Edition compatible rule set that attempts to streamline [some of] the mechanics and class ornamentation. It will not strictly be a retro-clone of Holmes, Moldvay or Mentzer D&D, but hopefully will channel the spirit of those Basic sets with characters still being playable within D&D 5th Edition.

B/X-5 will include the first 12 levels of Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling (yes, race as class). Feats will be removed or heavily modified. The skill system will be optional. Healing will be less plentiful and more resource managed. Cantrips will have limited castings. Other deviations from the 5th Edition Basic D&D are still in the works.

1st Adventures will be based on the B/X-5 Core Rules, but with its own built-in setting and modifications to the core races and classes as presented in B/X-5.

With that in mind, read on if you want to see the previews for the Dwarf and Elf class designs or read the full (work in progress) B/X-5 Core Rules here.

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