Tuesday, May 14, 2019

D&D: Cheap Village Terrain

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I mentioned some inexpensive terrain options I found on Amazon, specifically some boats and medieval village pieces I thought might go well with Ghosts of Saltmarsh. I ended up purchasing a couple piece and here is my quick review. Below the video are also comparison shots with some Dwarven Forge and papercraft terrain options. You can read my earlier post on paper craft options here. Enjoy!

KERANOVA size comparison with Dwarven Forge
The KERANOVA buildings are little small when compared to the hefty, chunky Dwarven Forge houses.
KERANOVA size comparison with paper craft
The buildings are also slightly smaller than the free paper craft options from Wizards of the Coast,
but not so remarkably that you'd notice a major difference at a distance on the table.

KERANOVA size comparison with D&D miniatures
The KERANOVA medieval models are well detailed and decently sized for miniatures play. 

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