Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

In today's video, I discuss Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, the new worker-placement and resource management board game from Gamelyn Games. In Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, you construct a ranch and raise dinosaurs to sell to... well, dinosaur zoos, I suppose. You must balance the breeding of dinosaurs against the resources they consume as well as keep your ranch outfitted in order to house all the beasts. It has mechanics similar to other worker placement games such as Stone Age, Viticulture, or Lords of Waterdeep... but with dinosaurs! 

 While Tiny Epic Dinosaurs is still pre-order from the Gamelyn Games web site, [what appear to be] Kickstarter copies are starting to show up in retail such as here: 

 You should probably jump on that price while you can!

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