Friday, October 8, 2021

Car Wars 6th Edition Kickstarter Unboxing

 The Car War Kickstarter has started to fulfill and several of us have gotten our "Double Ace" base pledge (some add-ons may be coming later). This video is basically unboxing the large box... but there was so much to cover, I will need to add separate video to look at all the vehicles included. 

1:20  Discussing the box wrap and cover art
3:30  Opening the box
4:00  Dice bag
4:20  Vehicle Expansions Set #1 and Set #3
4:50  Armory Pack and Linked Weapons Pack
6:00  Dropped Weapons and Crew Packs
8:00  Car Wars 6e Retail Box
10:00  Rule book, counters, dice and new turning key
11:00  Sample vehicle player mats
14:30  Movement and the Turning Key
17:50  Miniature Box A and Player Dashboard
19:30  Each player has their own Vehicle Decks for vehicle creation
24:20  Miniature Box B
28:10  Cardstock puzzle-piece road tiles
33:00  Crew Pack, Dropped Weapons, Linked Weapons and Armory Packs
37:00 Vehicle Expansion Set #1 and Set #3

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