Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#RPGaDay Part 3: 21 to 31

21) Favorite Licensed RPG - Perhaps Mouse Guard or the original Marvel Super Heroes.

22) Best Secondhand RPG Purchase - Dragonlance 5th Age, which is a great system which I picked up relatively inexpensively. I also purchased the Rules Cyclopedia well before it started to be hugely overpriced on Ebay.

23) Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book - I do not own The One Ring, but the artwork I've seen paging through it is gorgeous. I've also always really loved the starship artwork and schematics in Traveller... just because I like those kinds of deck plan drawings. Car Wars artwork has also always been a favorite for me.

24) Most Complicated RPG Owned - Probably GURPS. I don't have any of those overly complex games from the 80's and 90's like those from Palladium (RIFTS) or Iron Crown (Rolemaster). I technically own a second hand copy of one of the Middle Earth Roleplaying books, but never even really cracked it open except briefly to browse, so I'm not counting it.

25) Favorite RPG No One Else Wants To Play - My group of players doesn't usually have too much difficulty trying something new, but the issue usually comes up when no GM is willing to run a system they don't already know/understand. The players are almost always willing to try a new system, but the few GMs are not so much. Mouse Guard is at the top of this list.

26) Coolest Character Sheet - I don't have an opinion. I tend to like functional over flowery.

27) Game you'd like to see new edition - Boot Hill might be a fun one to resurrect, although I suppose Deadlands could technically be used to play a "straight" version of the Old West instead of a Weird West. Star Frontiers might be fun to revisit as well.

28) Scariest Game - I've never played an RPG where horror was executed very well... but I also haven't played many horror RPGs. So I don't really have a good answer for this one.

29) Most Memorable Encounter - I talked about this one in the Most Memorable Character Death. There was also a fun Red Dragon encounter in that same campaign, but the details are a bit foggy after 20 years.

30) Rarest RPG Owned - I have a copy of the 1974 White Box D&D "donated" by my brother.

31) Favorite RPG - D&D will always be king. It opened the world of RPGs to me and I'm excited about the 5th edition… but, I will also always love some of the other old, but great games on my shelf like Paranoia, Car Wars, Gamma World, etc…

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