Thursday, January 11, 2018

Episode 1: Nightstone and Chapter 3 - Running Storm King's Thunder

I started out my blog posts on Storm King’s Thunder as a series of articles, but there is just so much to talk about, it’s just much quicker to do some extemporaneous videos instead of writing it all out (ain’t nobody got time for that). I have a lot to say, and video seems to be the better medium... So this is kind of a video reboot of the SKT series. This first episode focuses on the introductory chapters of Storm King’s Thunder and tips for starting out. Forgive me if I meander a bit. Episode 2 will be much tighter (30 minutes) with more of a scripted outline.

In this episode, I discuss:
  • Tom Lommel’s Disorganized Play videos (1:30)
  • Getting a handle on the sprawling Chapter 3 hooks and scenarios. (3:20)
  • Using a Google Doc (or other note software) to mine ideas out of Chapter 3. (8:00)
  • Write a one-sheet summary or encounter packet for upcoming encounters. (12:00)
  • Coming up with better introductory hooks than the weak ones in the book. (13:00)
  • The perils of using Storm King’s Thunder outside of the Forgotten Realms. (16:50)
  • Stealing other’s ideas. (19:00)
  • Teasing the broader story and mystery to the players. (19:40)
  • Tying the Nightstone attack back into the larger plot. (22:00)
  • Buffing Nightstone for higher level parties. (23:30)
  • Making set piece encounters more interesting with 3D visuals. (29:00)
  • Dollar store deals on gaming paper. (31:00)
  • More on 3D visuals and crafting. (34:20)
  • Teasing an upcoming video on the adventure in Dungeon #144. (38:00)
Some images of my 3D set ups using papercraft, styrofoam, Dwarven Forge, or even Lego.

Investigating Nightstone
Reavers in Harkenwold

The Battle of Albridge
The Battle of Albridge
Townsfolk defending Albridge
Townsfolk defending Albridge

The Dripping Caves layout
The Dripping Caves layout

Fighting Hill Giants in the Dripping Caves


  1. It's funny; I've just started running SKT (2 sessions in) and I started it out just like you did :P I figured the hooks to Nightstone were too weak, so I started them of in Daggerford, with a transport mission: "Take these fine goods to the granary up at Goldenfields".

    Halfway to Waterdeep, they find out that the bridge at Waterdeep has collapsed - so they decide to cut through Ardeep forest, and perhaps make a stop at Nightstone inn first. Perfekt ... *Smiling DM*

    Thank's for some great advice. I actually stumpled upon this video, looking for a dungeon tile setup of dripping caves. I've just started printing - and I don't think I can make it! :P I will probably make due with a few stalagmites and maybe the raised plateaus.

    1. Welcome to the blog (somewhat neglected as of late). I'm hoping to put up another SKT video soon, but hopefully you can mine the existing ones for ideas. The Triboar/Goldenfield video is worth watching, if I do say so myself. :)


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