Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Episode 4: Goldenfields and Triboar - Running Storm King's Thunder

In Episode 4, I get around to the Goldenfield and Triboar encounters. There's a lot to unpack in this episode. No major spoilers until after minute 20. Topics listed below the video.

(2:00) Streamlining the session to not waste gaming time
(9:02) Legacy Weapons (https://ragingowlbear.blogspot.com/2018/01/legacy-weapons-in-dnd-5e.html)
(16:25) Tips for running large combats scenarios
(22:40) Using the area maps as a pseudo battle map
(30:00) Goldenfields
  (30:26) Using the Goldenfields guide from DMsGuild.com
  (31:50) Getting the PCs invested with the NPCs
  (33:30) Having the players run the NPCs during the encounter
  (42:30) Difficulties with Hill Giant prisoners
(49:02) Triboar
  (50:25) Setting up the NPCs for the big fight
  (54:05) Using timing, cover and concealment to get enemies close
  (54:49) Create mayhem. Throw burning trees!
  (59:30) Cave stand-off (idea stolen from @DungeonBastard - https://youtu.be/Bref55ceH2g)
(1:03:00) Setting up with rescue mission and how things fall apart
(1:08:00) Using a party defeat to raise the stakes in the story

For large combat scenarios, you can overlay a grid on an area map and use small markers for approximate positions.

The hostage rescue starts to go south...

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